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  Success Attitudes in the Studio and at Home

There are times when we just don't feel good about our situation in life... we're ready to try something... anything. And that's good - trying is better than nothing. Yet I know what it's like to feel exhausted from trying and still never feel like anything significant has been achieved. The good news is there's always hope. But to reach that good news, we must give up hoping all the time and start taking action. But not just any action.

Key: The thing that is between an idea in your mind and the idea becoming a reality is CONSCIOUSNESS and ENERGY. The kind of thinking you use and the energy you create around you makes the difference. Be aware of the kind of energy inside you, and the kind energy you put out there.

Here's an example of what I mean: With good intentions, Nancy is looking for a producer to help her project. Notice how her email displays a "less-than" attitude....

Q) I have these 2 songs that I wrote and they have been sitting in limbo for many a years. I need a producer that will back me up...

Good for you for sending an email asking for support. Let me give some observations:
First, there's little excitement around something "sitting in limbo for years." Gads! Spider webs all other the place! How many ads on TV do you hear where they tell you their product is ancient?

Next, notice whether or not you sound "needy" in your request. People who are power-packed with incredible talent and energy don't "need" a producer. They may desire one, but they know the producer will want them as much as they want the producer. An artist who feels their product is HOT doesn't come from an energy of needing.

Success attitude #1 - Come from HAVING energy, not needing it.

...and if the songs make it on air and make it to the charts, hopefully we will both be a little better financially.

Very few people are attracted to the word "if." It contains a track record of more failure than success. "Hopefully" contains a high track record of failure too. Plus "a little better financially" isn't what successful people want. They want a LOT of success! Instead say, "Teaming up with a dynamic producer, I intend for us both to achieve great financial success when this product is released."

Success attitude #2 - Come from strong intentions, not humble beginnings.

I don't have the finances to pull this off,but hopefully a good hearted person will help me out and get paid back when the song or songs make it.

No one is attracted to what you don't have. Concentrate your confidence on what you do have, and advertise it relentlessly. Plus, you can design who you attract with more precision. Beyond a "good hearted person" you can ask for a solidly connected, enthusiastic and focused individual (or team).

Success attitude #3 - Display your talents with enthusiasm, and those equally as talented will appear in exact proportion to your willingness to receive them. Be specific. You will get what you ask for.

I'm a mother of 3 struggling and working at a walmart, yeah I know walmart is a big franchise,but believe me or not,the workers don't make alot of money,we just get alot of aching bones.

People are not attracted to your strife anymore than they are attracted to what you don't have. Save that story for the interviews after the songs have gone multi-platinum and you want to inspire millions to go for their dreams. Besides, the most successful people in the world get aching bones and they basically don't care. They just see it as part of the process to get what their heart desires.

Success attitude #4 - See struggle as part of the process. See struggle as a signal from your very soul saying that something in your life is out of alignment. Pain happens, but suffering is optional. Pay attention to everything you're feeling. If it's negative, consciously decide that you want something different and start pulling ideas out of completely different places... then take action based on those new ideas.

I myself have had the ruff bunt of life throwed at me many atimes...

The only way out of the energy of victimhood is to take responsibility (I like to phrase it response-ability). While it's true that we may not have deserved a bum deal, at some level, we had a part in creating it. A great way to change feeling out-of-control is to say "I've been in control all along and I'm in control now. I can't change the past, but I can change my future by how I am being now." Base your actions knowing that EVERY ENERGY ATTRACTS. Negative energy attracts negative, positive energy attracts positive. Since it all attracts something, simply decide what it is you want to attract.

Success attitude #5 - Make every effort (big or small) to BE positive. Decide to DO positive, and then do it. Decide to SPEAK positive, and then speak it. Decide to THINK positive, and then think it.

...and I'm just looking for the good life so many people say thats out there.

Certainly the "good life" can be wonderful, but why not achieve a great life? Decide how many of your limitations you want to buy into. Plus, your words make it sound like "the good life" is almost out of reach. Certainly we feel that way sometimes. If you need to feel that way, go for it... for about 20 minutes... and then look at what you already have. My guess is there no one is about to haul you off to a concentration camp right now. Your life probably IS good in many ways. ...doesn't mean it can't be richer or more rewarding...

Success attitude #6 - Appreciate life and what you HAVE achieved. Smile more. It's attractive. Want more appreciation? Be appreciative.

[The first person I dealt with] never once did anything with [my] song... it was one of those poems to music deals that wasn't really a deal at all. A 'get your hopes up' kind of thing and then dump it.

Any lesson learned is valuable. Thank that person for that value. Babe Ruth struck out in baseball more times than anyone in history, but his success happened because he kept on swinging. He wasn't victim to his strikeouts. Each one was a vehicle for perfecting his art.

Success attitude #7 - Life is what you make it. Stop making it about what you haven't got (being in an energy-state of wanting) and make it about what you intend to get (being in an energy-state of growth).

[I have] many talents... but never seem to get no where with.

As you speak it, so it is. Plus, a mediocre delivery of your message can never make anyone feel amazed by you.

Success attitude #8 - Learn to speak the perfect end result. Do what it takes to speak and write with excellent grammar (trust me, I'm still working on mine) and deliverance. Be prepared to meet great stuff by BEING great... one step at a time.

So tell me the truth please,tell me if this lady is just wasting her time or is there potential for something that will make my family happy.

Teach by example - be the model. Your family will be happier as you model happier. If you want more money, give more money (and I don't mean be financially irresponsible). Example: If you normally go out to dinner and tip 10%, try 11% instead. If you normally don't give to a homeless person on the street, give them 50 cents... or more. BE generous in any new way you can. People with less stress feel they can afford to be generous, so model as if you have less stress.

Success attitude #9 - If you want more success, support others in their success. It comes back to you. Supporting others is attractive... just don't sacrifice your own business in order to do that. Balance the supporting of other's business with minding your own. A good book I recommend is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Success attitude #10 - Acknowledge those around you who contribute to your life.

We're surrounded by angels... sometimes we just don't know it. Even small acknowledgements are win-win - it feels good to both parties. Acknowledgements are gifts that are easy to overlook - so do it often. It's an easy and free way to display energy coming from your greatness... by simply being great. To sum it up, the quickest way to success is through BEING... the having and doing will happen automatically.

So be great, teach peace,be healthy and smile! Thank you for your email, and may you enjoy the best!

[Even with] all our power - we have yet to answer the fundamental questions of life: Who are we? Were are we going? Why are we here? What are our inherent capabilities? What is true happiness and how can we reach it?

It is possible for us to answer these questions. The secret... however, is that we must make a committed effort as a species - not as nations or groups of people to find the answers. The method required is as simple, and as difficult as that. -Kosta Danaos

JV's note: Some people say that it will only take 5% of the Earth's population to shift their thinking in a positive way - in order for the entire race to shift it's thinking in a positive way. Every person makes a difference - even with the smallest thought. Let's give it a try!

Created 07/21/2001 - modified 03/08/03
Consider, even in tough times... we have it good...

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